And that’s the way the cookie crumbles

So, today is Sunday Oct 23rd and it has now been exactly 2 weeks since I got here.

I’ve gotten used to the rhythm here – everything is slowed down. Granted, I am not working a 9 to 5 job or anything, my volunteer work allows me the freedom to do it whenever, wherever and however I want. But there is still this laid back atmosphere that really shines through all places and people you meet. No one ever seems to be in a hurry, or stressed out.

This morning I walked down to Paia Bay Café, my usual coffee spot, and waited for the bus there. The oatmeal cookie I ordered had crumbled in the pot whilst the barista attempted to take it out of its jar – so she was ordered by the owner, a nice lady with short hair and a motherly look to her, to give me an extra one for free as I was a ‘regular’. Yay!

I then hopped onto the 10:59 bus, and made my way to Kahului, where I had it in mind to go to Walmart – where the food is supposed to be cheap! It didn’t turn out to be exactly what I had in mind – there were no fruits, veggies or anything fresh, just stuff you can get in bulk like cereal, pasta, rice, chocolate, ice cream. So I got what I thought would last me a while. And carted the just under 50$ worth of groceries all the way back to Paia, on two separate buses. I’m pretty chuffed because I’ve managed to get some beers in, a bottle of rosé, mint chocolate ice cream, and a lot of other yummy things that will keep me going for a while. Fresh fruit and veggies will have to be either picked or bought at local markets, which actually sounds like a great plan. I got three avocados from Chief, one of the Polynesian dudes who lives in Hana the other day. His house has beautiful views and lots of fruit trees.

view from Chief's place in Hana (with added rainbow(s) bonus - score!)

Yesterday I had ventured out to Hookipa Lookout – a surfing spot, very popular with kite surfers, about an hour walk there and back from here. I went out with my guitar, a glass jar which I filled with a a 5$ bill, a 1$ bill and a few coins. I found a shady spot, lay a towel down, sat down and thought what the heck, let’s just try this and see what happens. So I sang and played for about an hour, people came and went, a few stopped and looked out at the ocean nodding their heads, others winked and smiled at me, children were given coins to put in the jar and ran over to me giggling, etc… I made about 13$ in an hour. ”Keep it up!” said one smiley mustached man.

Great! So I happily walked back home 13$ richer, and thought that will go towards my next food shop tomorrow! I’m going to try and do that on a regular basis – it’s good for my practice, I get to hang out at the beach and get a bit of money for doing all that. Awesome.

Next week I am supposed to be trying to get Ras some appearances in online radio shows in Hawaii. This means getting all the Hawaiian contacts together, giving them calls, scheduling some meetings here and there. I’ve never organized such things before, so this will be a good first experience with online radio gigs. Also, I am going to be assisting in the shooting of one of his new music videos, in Twin Falls – a spot I hiked up to last weekend with waterfalls and jungle like surroundings.

Twin Falls

I am also trying to get my flights sorted out for the rest of my adventure after January, which I think will be the Caribbean rather than Fiji. Flights to Fiji right now are astronomical. And why not check out the Caribbean music, culture, people, lifestyles as well as the Pacific?! I’m thinking Guadeloupe and Martinique…


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