Trick or Treat?

Monday night was Halloween night, a pretty big deal in the USA. Children go knocking on neighborhood doors with bags, asking for treats, all houses are filled with candy, chocolate, goodies to give away.

We went out with Rose and got some vampire teeth that day, which were a great buy. We got the fangs with some granulated wax, melted the wax and molded it onto our teeth until it hardened, thus giving us custom vampire dentures. Excellent. I can reuse them again! They were a hit.

my vampire fangs

Paia was bustling, much like last Friday night, with less open shops. Absolutely everyone was dressed up though – Elvis Presleys, zombies, construction workers, fairies, Mexican farmers, knights, there was even a couple of brothers dressed as the Olsen twins. We had lilikoi margaritas at Café des Amis with quite a few people. Most of us and many other Paians then lined up in front of Charley’s trying to get in to join in on the only night time festivities in town, all tickets were sold out so there was more of a party going on outside than in.

The atmosphere was great – everyone was enjoying the costume chaos.

We ended up at a house party, belonging to a yoga instructing girl dressed as a frog, where 10 or 15 people showed up, drank beers, danced, played darts, chattered. I met a Moroccan and a Tahitian who both spoke French.

the Olsen twins!

It was a great night! The following day I took it easy and had an afternoon nap on the beach. I also went to Mana Foods to find a few things ‘yeast free’ – as I have been suggested by an esthetician to avoid yeast products as much as possible. This essentially means no bread, wine, cheese (yeah, right, as if that is going to happen), some fruit juices, tomato sauce, beer, mayonnaise, pasta, processed foods – pretty much all I ever eat. Anyway, I still thought I’d give it a go, and bought some avocados, sprouts, spinach salad leaves, almonds and cranberry juice.

I am now living with two boys – both Branden and Trish have moved out. Ryan, 27, is American, and Olivier, 23, is French; they are both kite surfing fanatics. As I am the remaining girl, I have been upgraded to Trish’s old room, which is the master bedroom of the house with walk-in wardrobe and an en suite bathroom. Sweet!

the new bedroom..

Ryan has a chihuahua called Heidi and a fluffy cat named Kip. Heidi is the smallest dog I have ever seen in my life, and I have warmed to her, as I am more of a cat person than a dog person. The kitty is awesome and likes to sit on top of the fridge a lot. Both Olivier and Ryan are very nice guys – we went out to Flatbread tonight all together along with Olivier’s Canadian friend Kyle. Flatbread is a very popular pizzeria in Paia, which makes tasty food with local ingredients. I had my first coconut beer there tonight, brewed in Maui.

The weather has been very strange these last days – one moment it will be pouring down with rain, the next it will be bright sunshine and very hot outside. Lots of rainbows during the day, and lightening at night.

today's rainbow on the way back from Kahului


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