Henna and Margaritas

I got a henna tattoo Wednesday down in Paia, drawn by a very friendly Israeli guy called Tidi. He did a great job, and I now feel honorably marked by the island of Maui. I wanted to get some hibiscus and plumeria flowers tattooed which I thought would serve as a pretty Hawaiian memory. I can get it ‘re-touched’ before I leave to Honolulu in a couple a of weeks, so that the marking will stay imprinted for a few more weeks.

hawaiian henna tattoo

Since Ras has been injured, I have been a bit less busy than I was in my first weeks here. So, I have been spending my days taking it easy (well, I have been the whole time, but even more so recently!) and have gotten into cooking a lot lately. A list of things I have recently made: jalapeno asiago garlic bread baguette, purple yam cottage pie, avocado-toasted almond-mozzarella-spinach-watercress-cherry tomato salad, Nutella crêpes, blueberry muffins, and I’ve also gotten into making fresh coffee in the morning which I love.

This past week I have felt at home. And it is in less than 2 weeks now that I will be flying off to Honolulu, to live with 5 girls in the Waikiki area, not far from Honolulu zoo! It’s exciting, but I must admit that I will find it hard to leave Maui and its beauty. However, I am looking forward to my new place, and to the new activities: I will be going to a lot of concerts and musical events and writing articles about them hereafter.

lilikoi margaritas @ café des amis

On Wednesday evening, we went to Café des Amis for some happy hour cocktails, and ended up having 2 or 3 each with some yummy Mediterranean platters. A musician began setting up not long after we’d arrived, and played, what he called, ”the stick”. It looked like a very heavy, what I can best describe as a twelve string bass, and he had it plugged into an amp and an effects pedal. He had a drum machine too. He played Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, the Eagles, and did an impressive job for a single musician. The sound this ‘stick’ was emitting was like a combination between an electric bass and an electric guitar. I had never seen anything like it.

The weather is being a bit hap-hazard these days, one minute it will be pouring the next clear skies. So this means it is not easy to plan one’s day. Yesterday I had gone to the mall the top up my phone credit (it has been exactly a month since I bought it – time does fly!), and it began pouring down with rain after I had been to Radio Shack. So I took refuge in a Starbucks, and read a local Maui paper, which gave me quite a few tips and ideas on what to do this weekend. Wine tasting events, concerts, new films out in cinemas, luaus, etc.

I think there has been talk of going to Lahaina this weekend, so that should be fun. Lahaina is the biggest most-happening place on the island. I ventured out to Paia Beach today to watch the surfers, the waters were full of them because the waves were impressively big. As I headed back home later on, I crossed the street and a young guy shouted out to me ”You dropped something!”. I immediately looked back and down to see what I had lost, only to see nothing on the floor. So I looked back at him in confusion. He said ”My jaw!”, smiled, giggled along with his friends and walked off. What a line!


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