6 days left

Tuesday night I had been invited to get up on stage for an open mic night hosted at Moana, a bar up Baldwin avenue in Paia. I was very unprepared – arrived there 10 mins before being asked to perform, with no guitar, no water, no idea which songs to play! The girl who signed me up, Madeline, a Californian friend of Oliver’s who speaks very good French, lent me her guitar and I played an Amy Winehouse cover a Rihanna cover, which went down well!

I had only a 10 mins slot, so it was over before I could really get into it. I could go back up next Tuesday (the day before my departure to Oahu), and bring my electro-acoustic. There were all sorts of talents there – Madeline got up after me and boasted some good ukulele skills and an interesting yodeling type voice. She covered a few songs in her own unique way, which I really enjoyed. One bearded man sounded just like Neil Young. A lively duo came up – one guy on guitar and vocals, the other on box-percussion, made an impressive performance, and switched instruments during the set. They did a cover of ‘California Girls’ by the Beach Boys, and tweaked the chorus to ”I wish they all called be Maui island girls”, which worked really well.

I was pleasantly surprised to see all these really talented people come up and play – they were of all ages shapes and sizes, and all had something that was certainly worth demonstrating on stage. The atmosphere in the bar was very laid-back.

In the past days, I have been preparing a new blog which will serve as a platform for all my music-related articles when I get to Oahu. I will report there on all the concerts I go to, any musicians I meet and/or interview, musical events I attend, or anything related to musically oriented experiences. For the rest of the travel writing, I will stick to this address.

Yesterday I had gone to Queen Ka’ahumanu mall for a browse around. As I sat down to wait for the bus around 4PM, and old couple sitting next to me appeared to be having difficulty opening a bag of chocolates. They kept passing it around and trying different methods only to fail at getting into the packet. So I butted in and asked if I could try! I managed by doing it the way I always do (they didn’t try my usual method), and so offered me some of the chocolates as a thank you reward!

When I rode the bus and went via the airport, I spotted my landlord, Liam, picking up some guests. I love the fact that my landlord is a 40 year old blond dread locked kite surfing instructor, who drives an old tattered VW van. And comes to the house from time to time to hang out – ”’Sup guys?”

I’ve bought a new carry-on luggage bag, which couples as a very stylish item too. It is typically Hawaiian, brightly colored, large, slightly sparkly and will serve as a great memory from Maui.

my shadow @ kitesurfing spot


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