Peaceful Purifying Punaluu

coffee place in Kaimuki

Yesterday morning I headed North to Punaluu. I got up early, had coffee and an espresso-muffin in Kaimuki where I waited for my first bus. Kaimuki is actually currently closer to me than Waikiki, and is a small town with not much character but an interesting selection of little shops such as burrito joints, chicha-smoking places, Japanese toy stores, coffee and tea places and thrift stores. I hadn’t properly explored this area, as I have only been heading toward Waikiki on my travels, which goes through Kapahulu, a very dead and dingy suburban town with a KFC, a Taco Bell and a Jack in the Box.

My bus transfer wasn’t as smooth as I had anticipated (again), the bus driver was vague about directions, one confused lady gave me wrong directions, thankfully a young Hawaiian dude ran after me and walked me to the correct stop, which I was very grateful for. Once I boarded the second bus, I relaxed a bit, as the views became more and more rural. Within 45 mins, the bus was lounging the coast, and the scenery reminded me a lot of Maui.

condo in Punaluu

I arrived in Punaluu in due time, and entered the condo I am currently staying in. The tranquility and calm is certainly a breath of fresh air from wild Waikiki, and being right on the beachfront is the cherry on the cake. I ventured into the little town of Punaluu and  discovered various little stores and shrimp/taco vans. It is a peaceful place, and the waves are calm. I saw a seal resting on the beach, and swam with the fishes for a little while before sun down.

I will leave Punaluu some time tomorrow, and will move into a more central area of Waikiki on Saturday, which will introduce me to lots of new venues, places, shops to discover and explore. But before all that, I will enjoy some quiet last few moments in peaceful and purifying Punaluu.

back yard of the condo


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