background check

I am lucky enough to have traveled a lot since a very young age, and have fallen in love with tropical environments. I have grown to like them so much that I dream of returning to them every time I go. Granted, I enjoy the warm air, the beaches, the hot sand, but also am fascinated by the culture, the peacefulness, the overall atmosphere of well-being and tranquility.

I have been dreaming of visiting the islands of the Pacific ever since I graduated from university, especially Hawaii, and have wanted to couple the travel experience with some productive work.

I am an enthusiastic musician, constantly strumming my guitar and singing songs. I love music and all it can bring, teach, make one feel. So, this journey I am embarking on is a realization of my dream: I am going to combine traveling to the places I am fascinated by and my love for music.

I want to discover and learn all about the musical culture of tropical islands, participate, report on and be part of it.

Some of my previous travel snaps:

Geneva, Switzerland

Venice Beach, LA, USA

Canet, South of France

Bangalore, India

New York, USA


Rhodos, Greece

Turks and Caicos Island, Caribbean

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