Paia Party Time

Friday night was Paia’s party night – every fourth Friday of the month, the town lights up, the bars and shops open their doors, musicians come to play in the streets, games are played and various street shows are put up. It was such a colorful night! In fact, it had a little bit of a carnivalesque air about it, as this is the Halloween weekend, so a lot of people were dressed up in crazy attire. Rose and Branden wore masks.

I took part in a ping pong tournament, from all things (!), and partnered up with a Spanish guy who was a good team mate. We didn’t get very far through the tournament, but we played well, and celebrated our good sportsmanship with a glass of red wine! I met quite a few people that night, mainly South Americans from Uruguay and Brazil.

Charley’s bar was absolutely packed with people dancing to the lively music of a latin dance band. There was a great ambiance about the town, and lots of very happy people. There were no ridiculously drunk loud people, or any sense of danger about the festivities. It was a great celebration, and I enjoyed the liveliness of it, as it can be very quiet in this part of town in the evenings.

Despite a lot of people telling me that I will most probably prefer Maui to Oahu, I am looking forward to discovering Honolulu and the Waikiki area. I island-hop to Oahu on November 23rd. Most Maui-ans see Honolulu like most French people not living in Paris see Paris, or how most rural Brits see London, how most mainlanders see New York. Coming from Pregnin, and only being 10 mins away from Geneva, I am used to both rural and urban scenes, and finding somewhere similar, that has that same balance is rare. I am looking forward to being in areas where there are more people, music, livelihood, not because I am bored of the quiet, but because I am used to both. Perhaps I will long for some tranquility after a few weeks in Honolulu… Who knows? Stay tuned!

Today I went to Hookipa again to play some music. Today’s winnings: 17$. One guy gave me a 10$ bill and began talking to me, as he seemed very enthused by my singing and playing. He came from Tennessee and told me his brother was in the business of making steel guitars. I also met another musician yesterday, who was on the Haiku bus with me, he had a twelve string guitar with him. He was on his way to the Paia party, and was hoping to play in a restaurant or two. I love the sound of a twelve string!

windsurfing competition

There was a windsurfing competition at Hookipa today, and seeing as it was Sunday, it was very busy. I watched the windsurfers for a bit, and was really impressed by their skills as the wind was very strong today, and that sport does not look easy.

Tomorrow I will go to Paia Bay Café and re-write an album review for Ras, publish it online, and schedule some interviews for him on radio stations. Ras is also playing a show some time next week which I will attend!



my lei

It is a beautiful day on Maui island today. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and was greeted by Ras, a musician whom I will be working with for a little over a month here in Paia. He put a pretty lei around my neck, and I jumped into his white Jeep.

He asked me whether I wanted to go straight to my place, or whether I was up for a little walk to discover on of Maui’s most beautiful spots. Despite my fatigue, I couldn’t resist! I can’t remember the name of where he took me, but it was stunning.

Apparently this was where Jurassic Park was filmed (the part where you see expansive views of vast mountainous regions, and lots of green). It took about 25 mins to get up there in the Jeep, but it was definitely worth it. I walked round with him, admittedly in a bit of daze, saw waterfalls, guava plants, traditional Hawaiian huts, lots of chickens and flowers.

We then drove down to Paia, a small beach town I am currently living in. We drove by the beach, and I saw about 35 dudes surfing the waves. I then met his wife and 2 year old pretty daughter, and had a look round his music studio.

I was totally overwhelmed. I guess traveling from LA to Honolulu and then waiting for 3 hours in Honolulu for my flight to Maui kind of tired me out. And then arriving in Maui just blew me away: the views, the atmosphere, the colors, the vibe.

I am currently staying in a three story house called the Yoga Shala. It is absolutely stunning. On the bottom floor there are yoga classes every day. On the second floor, I am sharing an enormous living room, kitchen, two terraces, bathroom with two persons I haven’t met yet. I think there is a couple living on the third floor.

My room has a very comfy mushy double bed, a couch, and glass doors that give on to the front terrace. The shower has a little windows which look onto the the back of the house and the expansive views behind it. It is so much more spacey than I had imagined. It is calm, and there is a very good vibe about the place, there are Buddha statuettes everywhere, candles, a very large TV, and a swooping couch in the living room.

There are Buddhist prayer flags in my room. There are no locks, which could appear freaky at first, but there is such a positive and calm atmosphere about the neighborhood that I sincerely doubt there is anything to worry about.

I went to bed early last night and got up today around 6.30 AM. It gets dark very quickly here, and light very early. This morning I walked down to Paia’s main town, bought some breakfast in Tiki Bar, and read the Maui Times. I took my soya milk coffee to go, and went down to the nearest beach. I walked barefoot on the sand, and walked across the shore line for a bit, thinking how lucky I am to be here and to see all this.

I have been exploring all morning, getting lost, sitting down in front of the sea and taking photos like a typical tourist. ”Beautiful spot, isn’t it?” said one old couple who was sitting not so far from one of the best views I had found this morning. ”Yes… lovely!” I replied.

And ‘lovely’ is the first word I choose to describe this place.

walking on the beach in hawaii