Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I am now in the center of Waikiki, on Lime Street to be precise (not to be amusingly confused with Lemon Street, another Waikiki neighbourhood!), and literally a 10 mins walk from the bustling Waikiki Beach Walk.

Just a 2 mins walk up my block brings me to a nice little shopping area called Mc Cully, which has some very interesting Asian restaurants, a 7 eleven, a coffee and tea place, and other little conveniences such as a nail salon and a massage clinic. My room has two very large windows that give onto the city’s skyscrapers – it is certainly more noisy at night, but I love being in the heart of things.

The 10 mins walk into town is lovely, I cross a bridge and I’m there right in the city center. One of the nearest hot spots to me is the Hard Rock Café. I absolutely love walking in and out of town, and the fact that it is so easy and safe to do so. There are no dark alleys nor weirdos to cross paths with.

dolphin pond @ Kahala Hotel

Consequently, I’ve been discovering Waikiki’s music scene with much more ease and I’ve witnessed so many interesting and worth while performances since I moved in on Saturday. Top of my list was a busking band called ‘Streetlight Cadence’, a very young group of guys playing an unusual collection of instruments: cello, accordion, violin and acoustic guitar. Their sound: Unique and quite amazing. I also saw a classic rock cover band in Moose’s bar, a great hula/traditional Hawaiian show at Mai Tai Bar, and I discovered Waikiki’s main night club Zanzabar. Take a look at my Honolulu Playlist Blog if you want to read some of my little reviews on these musical goodies I’ve come across: The Honolulu Playlist

I also visited the Kahala hotel, which has it’s own dolphin pond. It is large, and the dolphins seemed very content and energetic from what I saw. They were being fed, and were playing with their trainers, which was great to watch. I also saw some sea turtles there and a large sting ray. The beach the hotel faced was very splendid.

But my favorite beach is Waikiki’s. I love hanging out there – so many people to watch and mingle with, so many water sports to watch and try, the sunset view, the cocktail bars just a few footsteps in the sand away, and if you’re discreet enough, you can insert yourself into some of the hotel pools and hot tubs and enjoy a luxurious dip. What is there not to like?

However, of course, the cocktails, the ice cream, the good food, the shopping plazas, the ”sales”, the coffee places are all very hard to resist, and do burn holes in one’s pocket. But hey, this is Hawaii, this is once in a lifetime… And on that particular note, I came across a special offer which I have failed to resist: A limousine ride to the airport on the day I fly to Tahiti. It turns out with this coupon, the limousine service is essentially the same price as a taxi.. And I figured a taxi may be more expensive on Christmas Eve anyway.

So I will be leaving Hawaii in style, Mahalo very much. 😉