Pasadena, Los Angeles

on my walk down to Lake avenue

My first stop is Pasadena, in Los Angeles.

I am staying at my father’s house, which I come to on average about once a year.

It’s a very easy going area, where everything seems to be possible. You walk into a supermarket and everything you could possibly dream of is in there. It is a colorful place, with lots of palm trees and large sidewalks. The streets are in grid formation, which makes driving places easy-peasy.

The choice of food here is amazing, Mexican, Asian, burgers, tropical, Mediterranean, fresh, fast-food, slow-food, sea food, Indian, whatever.. It’s here. And tasty.

The people are friendly and always ask me how I am feeling. Wherever I go.

I am here for a week. I have been finalizing my flight bookings for the next 3 months, looking at prices for a larger suitcase, looking at some hard guitar cases because the one I am traveling with is on it’s last legs, and ordering salted caramel mocha frappuccinos at Starbucks.

I bought a pair of shoes yesterday that had Jessica written on the inside of them, and a number 23 written in handwriting on the back of them. Big deal for me as the number 23 follows me absolutely everywhere. I took this as a sign, tried them on, they fit like a glove, so I bought them with no hesitation.

It has been warm and sunny. However this morning, I hear rain falling from my room. It will do the gardens some good.

I am going to grab a warm cup of coffee now and wake up LA style, by taking it easy.